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Although the weather and climate certainly is an essential factor in the agricultural industry, but it is not the only factor. There also comes in quantity, and quality.Hunter-gatherers probably didn't get a huge quantity of food, and although they didn't need it, they were at a severe risk of starvation at all times. Not everything is edible, so most hunter-gatherers probably stayed in or around an area in order to maintain their food surpluses, but if the moved on to a different location, say the Saharan desert or the Siberian tundra, these hunter -gatherers would be at a severe risk. In addition to this, agriculture isn't completely unstable. Although some years crops may flood, other years crops will flourish, allowing these communities to accumulate a huge food surplus, that once accumulated enough could last them a long time. The famines and other natural disasters that caused crops to die and food sources to close, weren't all that harmful, if the communities played it safe and moved to a different area. Also with the natural disasters such as drought affected the hunter-gatherers too, as they also depended on the climate for their food, and once a drought hit, they may have had to move too. There was probably a reason nomads stayed near areas where civilizations were flourishing, and that could be attributed to the fact that they knew that where there is a civilization, there is arable land and, most likely, a natural food source or a river they could use. All in all, both methods had their flaws, but I do agree that agriculture may have had more flaws in the earlier days, but as it developed it gained a lot of potential that hunting and gathering didn't have. It certainly would be interesting to see what would have happened if early humans stuck to hunting and gathering until today and what kind of people we would be. Once you start considering this idea, most of what we have would be thrown out, as I believe instead of civilizations forming, we would all have migratory tribes and eventually I think this would lead to severe over population. But that's just a theory. Maybe hunting and gathering would have jumped us ahead 10 years? Great post! It is a great one for discussion!





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