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Arma 3 Patrol Missions

Scouting missions are free-roaming sequences that take place in-between storyline missions for both the Survive and Adapt episodes of the campaign. There are no scouting missions for the third episode, Win.

Arma 3 Patrol Missions

To initiate scouting, simply walk away from the base camp/hub or enter one of the parked vehicles that are not locked. Scouting missions are completely optional to play and do not affect storyline progression.

They allow the player to obtain ammunition, wearable gear, weapons and equipment which would otherwise not be obtainable during the course of regular storyline missions. Players can opt to either go solo or for scouting missions in Adapt, bring a team of allies along with them.

Salvage gathered from scouting missions is automatically added to the armoury pool at the base camp/hub once they return. Only items stored in the player's own inventory, the vehicle(s) they returned in and whatever is being carried by the player's team mates, will be added back. You must return to the site of the completed objective to gather any pieces of equipment that you missed.

However, scouting is not always possible until certain storyline missions are completed first. If the player attempts to go scouting in this case, they will automatically be forced to return to the hub no matter how far they travelled away from the camp.

Survive only has one phase's worth of scouting missions at Maxwell (dubbed as "Patrol" missions). They are automatically unlocked once you finish Blackfoot Down but will not actually become playable until Death Valley is completed.

"Scouting missions" - optional missions, where you can explore the wonderful places of Stratis and Altis, collect equipment from the deceased you find or make and improve your tactical and combat skills

One little thing I was disappointed with was the Strategic Map in the camps. Only real campaign missions were on them. I think it would be more interesting if the scouting missions, and/or the side quests learned about from guys standing around at camp, were on there also (perhaps not selectable, but their locations would be shown).

"Air Dominance" was the one to eliminate high-value AAF Air Force officer in house on shore of Neri Bay. Getting back to camp after completing that mission was very difficult and time consuming, given multiple roving AFVs on roads and CSAT patrols in hills. There was even an opfor chopper which nailed my truck at one point.

Each base has one repeatable scouting mission, which can be started as many times as you want (I have 14 replays of Scoutings in Adapt :)). The Scouting task is a parent task of the side missions, to distinguish them from the campaign missions.

From WattyWatts' post, I think that you are looking for a list of side quests for each of the five camp-based scouting missions. I updated the spoiler in my post above with all the side quests I found for Gori and Topolia bases, and map screenshots. I found twelve for the former and three for the latter. But who knows if recent 1.18 update added more... After I restart campaign I will post side quests for Survive and Bomos camp for Adapt.

Last side-mission I did was to attack a checkpoint. I succeeded and looted a Zamaak full with weapons, ammonution, attechements. I took several Mk20C with ammo and a LMG also with 6 ammobelts, but none of those where saved in the weaponstorage back in the camp near Bomos. The funny thing is that my Zamaak is saved and I can use it to go on patrol again.:confused::confused:

Little funfact: Last time I've played the campain some months ago, I could do the sidemissions, looting the good stuff into a car, drive back and everything was saved. Except the cars. They weren't but I didn't care, because I didn't need them anymore. Another thing is, that the "patrol starting screen" where I see those icons to choose where I want to start my patrol didn't appear last time. I just started patrolling in the exact direction I left my camp. So if I went out of the camp north I automaticly started my patrol north of the camp. I also don't remember to had the option to choose a ATV at the camp to start my patrol.

I mentioned this problem in an other thread before, but I will try to find help again. A few weeks ago I heard about these new side missions and wanted to try them out. When I go to the quad in Survive, open the strategic map and choose one patrol point the screen turns black and I am back in the campaign menu. The same happens when I walk outside the camp.:(

There are no mods in use. I just used the replay button, because I only wanted to play the new side mission. I completed the campaign one year ago. Will I lose the later missions when I revert this specific mission?

I recommend reverting to start of Survive, but making backups as Janez suggested is a good idea just in case. I don't think you will have any problems with the scouting missions then. Don't forget to check out the other thread that Janez mentioned if you have any questions about the new scouting missions.

It will be interesting to see if and how various changes (resting/deployment/suppression, etc.) in 1.42+ effect Survive and Adapt campaign missions. In 1.42 RC, the Infantry Showcase suddenly became super easy, and in 1.42 I fired only about 20-30 shots total in the Win episode on Veteran (I went the Paradise Lost -> Status Quo route at the end this time)...

It seems to me that all you can do is just kill other enemy patrols for their AAF weapons/equipment, because if you stray too far or walk into the red areas, you'll be killed immediately (plot armour, stops you from destroying/killing soldiers in areas you haven't been to in the campaign yet). Is there anything else you can do that I haven't realised you can do?

Is there way to preserve stuff found on dead bodies during patrol/scout missions? I equpped em and it got overriden with default. Can i store them in weapon boxes at rearm point in Maxwell/village? I found nice camo and want use it instead that default in Adapt.

Did anyone else experience to be "stuck" at the munitions table in between the Miller briefings and the missions taking off? I can't move or take stuff to my inventory, no keys work. I am stuck at Camp Maxwell by ammoboxes and tables with gear listening to Liam warren and Jacob O'Connor ranting about who Miller is and so on. I have to stand there for 5 minutes which is the countdown between briefing and mission start. completely unable to resupply or anything.

Combat air patrol (CAP) is a type of flying mission for fighter aircraft. A combat air patrol is an aircraft patrol provided over an objective area, over the force protected, over the critical area of a combat zone, or over an air defense area, for the purpose of intercepting and destroying hostile aircraft before they reach their target. Combat air patrols apply to both overland and overwater operations, protecting other aircraft, fixed and mobile sites on land, or ships at sea.

I've made a custom combat patrol mission with additional ambient side missions/patrols going on. Ideally what I'd like to do next is create a static base for the players where they can choose load outs and request an airlift to the combat patrol AO manually.

However, as far as I can tell, you can't make the players starting position static and so they get transported near the combat patrol AO which sometimes spawns them in the middle of a patrol and makes the starting base pointless. Has anyone been able to figure out how to make the players start position static in Combat Patrol missions through scripting etc.?

The problem is, that the combat patrol module seems to teleport you and your group near to the AO. What we want would be a command or anything like that, which could disable the automated teleport and instead spawn you where you placed your units in the editor/ where you want them to spawn by script...

Glad I'm not the only one interested in this. My hopes were to create a template map that has prepopulated patrols, vehicles, camps etc. that the player would have to navigate to get to their objective. They would have a choice of being airlifted in, by boat, etc. and getting to the Combat Patrol AO would be a major part of the mission.

But what interests me the most about combat patrol: 1. it is official, I love officially supported thing. 2. it is simple and straight forward and you got a fast and quíck mission which is easy to set up and fulfill.

Thanks for the post! Definitely works. Unfortunately on a later test run I was teleported inside one of the mine fields I placed and exploded before your script kicked in... doh. I've posted a request in the official combat patrol thread in hopes a dev will see. I can't imagine it would be difficult to add a parameter to allow us to select whether the mission teleports us or not.

I found another solution which is much better then the first one. I just opened the original init function in the function viewer for combat patrol and copied it to the init.sqf of my mission (later on it could be integrated into a seperate function, used the init for testing). After that I found the part where the units are teleported and commented it out (starts at line 785). so the starting position will be the one you want to. With this function you also can disable the CP module as it does the same.

Also thank you for sharing the progress at the official combat patrol post. It's nice to read that someone responded and got a solution too (maybe a better one as mine :) ). I will try it later with a friend of mine (SP&MP). 350c69d7ab


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