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Resident Evil Village is now less than a month away from release. While players are looking forward to continuing Resident Evil's story, some gamers are more excited to encounter the famous Lady Dimitrescu. Ever since Capcom revealed Lady Dimitrescu in one of Resident Evil Village's trailers, fans have been wanting to know more about the mysterious and sinister tall lady.


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Although Capcom has since revealed some information about Lady Dimitrescu, the studio is obviously saving the best things about her for players to discover in Resident Evil Village. However, for fans who can't get enough of the tall vampire lady, here is everything we know so far about Resident Evil Village's breakout star, Lady Dimitrescu.

However, Capcom didn't think that putting her on a dress is enough, which led to the studio's decision to make her character model larger, and thus, the design of Lady Dimitrescu as we see now was born. After Capcom developed the prototype for Lady Dimitrescu's character model, the studio then attempted to create an environment that would best suit the lady's design, and Capcom settled on the idea of creating the victorian-era inspired Castle Dimitrescu.

Currently, Lady Dimitrescu's exact role in Resident Evil Village's plot remains unknown, but it is for certain that she will be a formidable force for players to deal with. Additionally, Lady Dimitrescu will likely function similarly to Mr. X and Nemesis from Resident Evil 2 and 3, and players should expect to be constantly stalked and hunted by the tall lady. However, one thing that sets her apart from previous tyrants is her beautiful character design.

Resident Evil Village's daunting dame also invites comparisons to another towering lady: Hachishakusama. This figure from Japanese folklore is an eight-foot-tall woman who wears a white dress and a floppy white hat. Hachishakusama usually consumes children that are between 9 and 11 years old. She lures them by repeating the interjection of "Po" in a deep, masculine voice. Her process for capturing a single child takes anywhere from a few days to multiple months.

When first-person perspective player character Ethan Winters crashes into the unnamed Eastern European village that gives RE8 its title, he soon comes face-to-face with Lady Dimitrescu. Not immediately, of course; he's got other dealings with Heisenberg, a crafty old hag, and a legion of Lycans to handle first. But he soon arrives at Castle Dimitrescu in order to find his kidnapped daughter Rosemary. Standing between Ethan and the first piece of that puzzle is not only the noble lady herself but her own daughters, setting up a rather interesting battle of the parents.

Some of the comments under the fan art have praised Gate for this wonderful pixel reimaging of Lady Dimitrescu with one Twitter user saying "Wow! Amazing dude! Exactly how she would look in an MVC game if her game was made in that era. I love the old school 90's marvel vs. capcom games, and lady dimitrescu's art detail looks awesome in 90's mvc style. Excellent job by the artist!"

Something about Lady Dimitrescu, the tall vampire lady from those Resident Evil Village trailers, is resonating with a lot of people who play videogames. Tired of sitting at home, we are perhaps collectively a more lustful bunch. I think of hugging anyone, literally anyone, and my skin tingles. Phew. Headrush. 041b061a72


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