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How to Play Battlefield Bad Company 2 with a Controller on PC using Xpadder

a few things to be aware of when configuring xpadder:

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xpadder Profile

  • the name of the controller profile is important, as is the name of the specific game youre using to configure. xpadder will not automatically detect your controller.

  • xpadder recognizes every controller that is recognized by windows. that includes pc-compatible controllers, like the logitech pro-g, and gamepads, like the logitech wingman x-55, that are not currently supported by the xbox 360 gamepad driver.

  • the xpadder is very picky when it comes to the placement of the buttons on the controller. every button must be properly placed in the layout.

this page lists all the available profiles for your controller. you can create your own profile by typing the name of the profile into the search box at the top of the page. you can even create profiles for the same controller, but you cant edit the name of the profile on this page.

you can also choose the unique name for your profile by typing it into the name field. the name of the profile is used to identify the profile on the other pages of the program. you can choose the default profile as well as the custom profile you created. when you are done, press the next button to move on to the next page.

this page allows you to set the profile to your controller. first, select the profile you wish to use for the controller. then, you can set the buttons, sticks, triggers and other game features that you want to assign to the controller by checking the boxes next to each item. you can also change the default button assignment by selecting another button from the pull-down menu. you can also assign an image to the profile by clicking the assign button.


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