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Fathul Qadeer Urdu Pdf 27

Is there any such library for urdu islamic books? Or can i add urdu islamic books to Shamila? and if any body knows about the islamic books collection in urdu then plz inform me.جرا كم اللہ خىراً فى الدارىن

fathul qadeer urdu pdf 27

Alhamdulillah I added kithab thuhfathul muhthaj. But it has 10 juz(in .doc format) and each juz is added as seperate kithabs. I want to add these 10 juz as a single kithab having 10 juz. Also want to know how to delete kitabs

As salamualiakum rhbtuwhen I copy arabic text shamela and paste in inpage urdu, it displays machine language not arabic text, plz let me know how to copy and paste text from shamela to inpage urdu software.


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