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Wild Talents Rpg

The heart of the game's settings, however, is the open defiance of Reed Richards Is Useless; its main theme is "If you can change the world, how does the world change?" With two exceptions (This Favored Land, intended to be The Civil War WITH SECRET SUPERHEROES!, and eCollapse, a dark Transmetropolitan-esque satire), every setting is dramatically altered by the presence of "talents," the game's term for Differently Powered Individual types. While Godlike's talents made the world a weirder place, the end results of World War II are recognizable. Contrariwise, after WWII, history goes Off the Rails with dramatic ferocity, creating an elaborate hi-tech Alternate History full of heroes, villains, the uncanny, and the all-too-human, described in loving and elaborate detail. Other settings, such as Grim War, This Favored Land, The Kerberos Club, Progenitor, and eCollapse all take the concept of superheroics in a different and fascinating direction. Kenneth Hite's essay "Changing the Course of Mighty Rivers" explains how you can make your own.

Wild Talents Rpg


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