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Unlock 16d4s Rar

Do you have a faulty Liteon DG-16D4S or DG-16D5S (or Hitachi DLN10N) DVD in your Xbox 360? Are you swapping your drive to another console and are unable to program your firmware due to write protection being enabled?Team Xecuter have designed new versions of LTU2 PCB for Hitachi DLN10N (TX230) Thare is another model of this PCB for LiteOn DVD.As with the DLN10N , the SPI is also locked on these drives (in addition to the firmware being encrypted), so this replacement PCB allows for the user to unlock and re-lock the SPI at will, and offers full ability to write your own firmware to the drive including your own drive key so you are able to replace your DVD drive if it becomes faulty without having to send it away for expensive repairs.The Hitachi DL10N Unlocked Replacement PCB has been manufactured so it is much cheaper than the original LTU PCB - get them while they are available they will be hot sellers !

unlock 16d4s rar



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