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Meeting the Writer

Hello all, I am a Lebanese author, who has been living with my family in Qatar since 2007. I am a preschool teacher and has earned a Masters degree in "Educational Leadership". Angie's series is my first writing experience. I wanted to honor Angie’s memory, and writing was a great coping mechanism. Angela, my 18 year old niece, left our world in 2015. Yet her life was rich and she was extraordinarily inspirational when it came to expressing herself. Angie was loving, kind and a very courageous person to those around her. Besides having the ability to step-in and stand up for herself, and others. Angie knew how and when to use her inner voice and she was the perfect example of someone who is true to themself.

In brief, love conquers anything. In fact, my books are based on real-life characters, yet the incidents and story lines are imaginative. I believe that books have the power to shape children’s character and to teach them lessons as they grow. Furthermore, after the sorrow I've experienced, I now know that pain is the door gate to growth. I hope that the new generation manage to comprehend and feel the pain of others, and not to stay isolated and trapped.

To end it on a good note, my biggest wish is that, after reading my stories, my audience will learn not to label anyone, but instead, learn to celebrate each others differences and individuality. “Trust the power of your heart and awareness to wake up through any circumstances.” — The Dalai Lama. Speaking as a mom and an educator, I want our children to feel loved, heard and accepted, just the way they are, in order to develop resiliency at early years. Spiritual representing (developing self-awareness, self-acceptance, coping, and self-soothing techniques) does not stop us from experiencing initiations. Loved ones will die, jobs will be lost, accidents will be tough, relationships will break, traumas will happen- life will go on. At the end of the day, spiritual representing can give us the space to observe our internal responses to challenges with kindness, not judgment.

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