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720p Movies Fino All'inferno Movies [REPACK]

Warner Bros. will be celebrating their 100th anniversary all year long, and several massive Blu-ray collections are on the way. One of them happens to spotlight horror & sci-fi movies!

720p movies Fino all'inferno movies

Alex D'Antona, third of four Brothers, grow up watching horror movies and Disney's Classics. After working on some short movies, in 2010 he starts his career as assistant director, working on short movie "Semplicemente Donna" and in 2012 western short movie "Mind Trip". His debut as actor starts in 2014 when he joined a theatre company in Mola Di Bari, Puglia, called "Tuttinscena - Cultura & Spettacolo", playing as actor and dancer on various musicals produced. In 2016 he starts acting on movies too, with his debut as Old Woman Ghost in horror movie Haunted and as police officer in the series "The Reaping". In 2017 he starts to work in L/D Production Company as first assistant director and as actor too in "The Wicked Gift", "Fino all'Inferno" and "The Last Heroes".


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