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How Ratatouille Became a Hit in India: Watch the Full Movie in Hindi on YouTube

remy's chef gusteau in the movie is just a representation of a real chef, and in the year 2016, he definitely represents the traditional french cuisine. but, in 2006, when ratatouille was first released in theaters, it was still relatively new and original, and now, it's 2019, and we're already seeing chefs who are taking the origin of the movie and recreating it using their signature techniques and modern methods of cooking. this original french cuisine still remains a classic, but it also seems to be getting a modern twist in the kitchen.

ratatouille full movie in hindi on youtube

it's now been ten years since the release of the movie ratatouille, but it's only been five years since the original french chef died, making "his" recipe for fusion a reality for chefs now, just like he wanted.

yet, in a way, it's an all-american classic - and one that seems to be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. perhaps because it's a rather easy dish to make, it takes the pain out of meal planning and it's a dish that can be made with everyday ingredients. and, of course, with such a simple ingredient list, there's also an incredibly easy execution of the dish.

the concept of pepperoni pizza was already fairly popular before the film came out. there was even a reality tv show called "pizza kitchen" which featured the making of pepperoni pizza. and, this included an episode on pepperoni pizza as the first-ever ingredient that the team had to make. after all, it's probably why we first discovered pizza.

the first three contestants made authentic-style pizzas, but then, we saw a completely different style. for the next chef, we're going to see what they can do with just pre-peeled pepperoni. you'll have the camera zoom in closer to watch as they go through their prep and cook process.


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